Rocket League $1,000 2v2 Summer Shootout!

Mad City and Ignite Gaming Lounge are very excited to announce Mad City Summer Shootout! We’re starting summer with another great Midwestern LAN event taking place on Saturday, June 24th at Ignite Gaming Lounge! Please spread the word!

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Ignite Gaming Lounge

Quick Details

  • Date: Saturday 6/24/17
  • Time: 10:00AM – 7:00PM
  • Cost: $25 per participant + PayPal processing fees (~%4)
  • Prize pool: $1,000
  • Age Restrictions: Open to all ages (under 13 must be accompanied by adult)
  • Platform: PC
  • Approved Controllers: DualShock 4, Xbox 360, (Xbox One support TBD)
  • Skill level: Open to all skill levels
  • Team Composition: 2v2 gameplay
  • Team Cap: 32 team max cap. First come first serve.
  • Format: Three-round single round robin group phase seeds into single elimination bracket (EVERY team will play at least four Best of 3 matches).
  • Registration:
    • 32 team cap; first come first serve, sign up ASAP.

Full Details / FAQ


  • What date is the tournament?

    Saturday, June 24th, 2017

  • What time does it start?

    Check-in is at 10AM. Teams who have not checked in by 10:30AM may be disqualified. Please be on time.

  • How long will the tournament run?

    The tournament is scheduled to run as follows:

    • 10am: Check-in
    • 11am – 3pm: Group Phase – 3 Rounds
    • 3pm – 7pm: Single Elimination Bracket

    Every team is guaranteed to play at least 4 rounds meaning the earliest a team can be eliminated from the tournament is by ~ 4pm after Round 1 of the single elimination bracket. Please ensure you can participate for the full tournament.

  • Where is the tournament?

    Ignite Gaming Lounge

  • How do I get there? Parking?

    There is a parking lot right in front of Ignite. In the event that it is full, you can access plenty of free street parking all over the area. Ignite is also accessible by CTA via the Blue line or the Belmont (#77) or California (#52) buses.


  • When can I sign up?


  • Where do I sign up?

  • Can I sign up if I don’t have a partner?


  • Can I have a sub if my partner can’t make it?

    Yes. If you and a partner signed up as “Battlecar Galactica,” then we just care that two people playing as “Battlecar Galactica” show up for check-in.

  • How much will it cost?

    $25 per participant + PayPal processing fees (~%4)

  • Are there any age restrictions?

    No! However, participants under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


  • What is the format of the tournament?

    A three-round Single Round Robin Group Phase which will seed a Single Elimination Bracket.

  • How will it be seeded?

    Seeding will be based off of your competitive MMR in Rocket League.

  • What are the rules?

    • Follow all in-house rules at Ignite Gaming Lounge.

    • Follow the proper procedure to set-up and play your matches.

    • Honestly report series scores.

    • Act appropriately – no foul or unsportsmanlike language or behavior.

    • Tournament organizers and admins reserve the right to interpret rules/situations and make decisions regarding the process of the tournament using their best judgement in any unforseen circumstances.

  • Is there a cap on participating teams?

    Yes. Given that Ignite is running the tournament concurrently with its normal walk-in business, we had to put a cap of 32 teams as to not overtake the entire venue.

  • What platform?

    This will be a PC tournament. PC’s will be provided by Ignite Gaming Lounge. You do not need a Steam account to play.

  • What will be provided?

    Each PC has a SteelSeries Apex keyboard, SteelSeries Rival mouse, Xbox 360 controller, and Steelseries Siberia 200 Headset.

  • Can I bring my own controller?

    You may bring your own Xbox 360 or DualShock 4 controller. XBox One Controller support TBD. Note: you must bring your own USB cord with your controller if needed. One will not be provided for you. If you wish to bring a different controller, please email ‘chicagorocketleague [at]’ and provide your exact make/model and any relevant information. We will get back to you with approval from Ignite Gaming Lounge as they own and manage the equipment on site.

    *A quick note about PS4 controllers. PS4 controllers must be plugged into the system before launching Rocket League. Once the controller has been connected you should not touch any button or analog stick of the Ignite-provided Xbox 360 controllers. Doing so will give the Xbox 360 controller priority and disable your PS4 Controller until the game is relaunched.


  • In what kind of environment will this be?

    Ignite Gaming Lounge is an all-ages family-friendly environment.

  • I was eliminated from the tournament. What now?

    Please stay and continue to watch the games, grab a bite from the cafe, or feel free to reserve a PC and play with friends.

  • Can we eat there?

    Yes! Ignite has a Snack Bar. Menu.


  • How do we play a game once we’ve sat down at a PC?
    • First, if Rocket League is already open from the previous game, exit out to the main launcher.

    • If you brought your own custom controller, please flag down an Ignite employee to help you connect it to the PC. Do this before launching Rocket League. Once connected, make sure not to touch the provided Xbox 360 controller.

    • Next, double click the ‘Rocket League’ or ‘Rocket League MY STEAM’ icons to open the game.

      • Choosing ‘Rocket League’ will use an Ignite-owned public account. Not all cars and accessories may be unlocked. If you play on PS4 or Xbox then you’ll want this option.

      • Choosing ‘Rocket League MY STEAM’ will allow you to enter your Steam login credentials (and 2FA codes if applicable) which will allow you to use your own unlocked items, DLC cars, and saved settings. We encourage this option as there are limited number of publicly available Steam licenses.

  • What if I have Steam 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) enabled on my Steam Account?

    That’s fine! Just be familiar with Steam’s 2FA procedure and be ready to enter the login code quickly to keep moving the tournament along.

  • Can I change my settings?

    Yes! Each team will be given a few minutes to set up their car, controls, and camera settings before playing their match. Please have notes/photos of your settings to make this process go as quickly as possible — please avoid superfluous car management. 🙂

  • How do I set up a match? will indicate which team is to create the lobby. Teams must use the following settings:

    • Game Mode: Soccar
    • Arena: Mannfield [No non-standard maps allowed]
    • Team Size: 2v2
    • Bot Difficulty: No Bots
    • Team Settings: (default)
    • Mutator Settings: (default; no mutators)
    • Server: US-East
    • Joinable by: Name/Password
      • Lobby Name: [provided by]
      • Password: [provided by]

    Once the lobby has been created, Team 2 may join.

    Players are not to join a team until all four players are loaded. This is important. Please do not start a game prematurely.

  • We were playing and the server had a lag spike. What now?

    Rocket League does not have a LAN mode publicly available yet therefore we are going to be playing online. If in the event a minor lag spike happens and it had no game-changing effect on the match, please continue with your game.

  • We were playing and the server crashed and/or became completely unplayable! What now?

    Rocket League does not have a “resume at X point” feature so in the event of a server crash or prolonged rubberbanding / lag, then the private game lobby must be recreated and restarted from 0 – 0.

  • The match is over and we won/lost! What now?

    Report the scores on if the API has not automatically determined the winner. Wait to see your next matchup assignment. If your 3 rounds of the Group Phase are done, then exit Rocket League and leave the PC you’re sitting at for the next wave.

  • How can I track the tournament?

I have a question and don’t see the answer here.

Join the Mad City Discord: and tag @dpants or @Hanz0_hattori with any questions in #event-ignite-rocketleague.