Mad City LAN 3

Schedule has been released! Click here to view. Provided headsets will be required.

$5,000 NON-BYOC CS:GO Tournament hosted by WIT Gaming – Saturday, March 25th & Sunday, March 26th


WIT Gaming
481 N Commons Dr, Unit F
Aurora, Illinois


  • $5000 in total as a base with 18 teams.



  • NO REFUNDS OR RESALE, must provide proof of purchase
  • $65 (+ Eventbrite processing fee) per person for tournament entry (early pricing until March 1st).
  • $75 (+ Eventbrite processing fee) per person for tournament entry (from March 1st – March 25th @ 12am CST).
  • $85 (+ Eventbrite processing fee) per person for WALK-IN tournament entry.
  • Registering 3 paid players will reserve your teams spot for the tournament.
  • There are no additional costs beyond this. Each individual player pays and thats it. The registration covers WIT’s time, Mad City’s time, the casting talent’s time, and the prize pot.
  • Spectating at the event is FREE.

Processing fees on behalf of

Tournament Format

  • 18 team maximum.
  • Maps will be selected by veto process.
  • Round Robin / Group Play to determine bracket seeding (groups determined based on random shuffle see below, bracket seeding based on round differentials).
  • Top 2 teams from each group of 6 make it to Playoffs.
  • 6 team DOUBLE Elimination bracket for Playoffs (seeded based on group play results).
  • Best of 1 for each match in Group Play (NO Overtime).
  • Playoffs ~ BO1’s until semi-finals
  • Playoffs ~ BO3 for upper semi-finals
  • Playoffs ~ BO3 for lower finals
  • Playoffs ~ BO5 for grand finals (map advantage)

If there are unforeseen issues with timing, the Mad City team will use their best judgment to change the format if needed

Map List

  • Current competitive Map Pool at the time of the event.


Hardware & Peripherals

  • Computers are provided by the venue, WIT Gaming
  • Computer specs are: MSI X99S Motherboard, Intel i7-5820K CPU, Water Cooled MSI GTX970 GPUs, 16GB Memory
  • Monitors are: ASUS 24″ 144Hz refresh rate & 1ms response monitors
  • You can of course bring your own mouse, keyboard, headset, mousepad, bungee, etc. There are some Corsair peripherals available for free at the venue if you don’t want to use your own (or forget something).


  • We’ll randomize and announce groups LIVE on stream on March 22nd, 2017 at 10pm CST. This will be streamed live on
  • Plan on being there NO LATER than 8am to secure your spot at the event. We are going to have pretty strict disqualification rules in place for teams we can’t find. If it’s announced that you’re in a later group, you won’t have to show up until that time, but for now plan on being in Group A (We will NOT be adjusting anyones groups based on a time they can or cannot be there. Prepare for 8am).
  • As mentioned, signing up with 3 players reserves your teams spot, however I strongly suggest coordinating with all of your teammates and signing up together.


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