CHI CS:GO Open Online

presented by Cougar Gaming. an NSG Online event.


January 14, 2018 6:00 pm


February 11, 2018 6:00 pm



All matches will be played on ESEA's platform.


*See below for details


Register - $100 This cost covers your entire roster for the qualifier ($20 per person).

Tournament Summary

  • Team Cap: 48
  • Entry Fee: $20 per player ($100 for your full roster)
  • Bracket Format: Double Elimination
  • Launch: January 14th, 2018
  • End: February 11th, 2018
  • Registration cut-off at 3pm CST on launch day (January 14th, 2018).
  • All scheduling, support, and event communication in the #csgo-open-online channel in Mad City’s Discord.


*Travel reimbursements are paid out on the team’s arrival to the CHI CS:GO Open on March 9th, 2018.

Team Communication

It is a *requirement* for every team captain reading this message to join the Mad City Discord ( and say the words “I am captain of team X” where X represents the name of your team inside the channel #csgo-open-online. We ask that you do this as soon as possible upon reading this.

You will be given a Discord role that will grant you access to #scheduling-csgo-open-online. This is your home base for all scheduling related communications as team captains. You are welcome to communicate outside of this, but this is where we know we can all reach each other.

Additionally, we recommend that *EVERY* player on your participating roster joins our Discord for communication. The more points of contact the better with us all being in different places.


While we are using ESEA’s platform for bracketing, game servers, and the client, we unfortunately are unable to use the scheduling features as you know it. So this is why communication is important and I need to ask everyone to work together on this. There are LAN events, CEVO, ESEA League, and other online events that we’re all going to be juggling as active players.

Default Days and Times

The default days and times for the CS:GO Open Online event will be Sundays at 8pm CST and Wednesdays at 8pm CST.

Negotiating a Match Time

It will be up to you and your opponent to negotiate and settle upon a time that the match will be played and the server it will be played on. Once you’ve come to an agreement *BOTH CAPTAINS* will fill out this MATCH PROPOSAL FORM and hit submit. When Mad City receives an identical time and server for 2 opposing teams, we will submit the game server request to ESEA. This process will repeat for every opponent you have throughout the qualifier.

Scheduling Proposal Deadline

You and your opponents must submit identical match time proposals prior to *12 hours before the scheduled default time*. After this, we’re going to assume you’re playing at default and both teams will be at risk for disqualification out of the CS:GO Open Online event.

With the kick-off of the event on Sunday, January 14th the window to schedule is going to be short unlike the rest of the event. I’d ask that all captains check-in for a first round of scheduling between the hours of 5:30pm CST and 7:30pm CST on launch day (Sunday, January 14th). 

Match Deadline

The deadline to play a match is 11:59pm CST the night before the NEXT default match day. So, for Sundays default matches its Tuesday at 11:59pm CST and for Wednesdays default matches its Saturday at 11:59pm CST. There are no exceptions to this, because we need to allow the next set of opponents appropriate time to schedule their matches.


We’re going to try our best to have as much coverage of the Online event as possible. The best way we can prepare and make sure you get covered is to have all of you schedule your matches as quickly as possible. That gives us time to prepare and staff a stream.

All matches that will be covered will be streamed live on

Confirmed Teams

All confirmed teams and associated ESEA profiles can be found here.

Tournament Brackets

Event Schedule

Jan 14
Round of 32 (BO1's)
Jan 17
Round of 16 (BO1's)
Losers Round 1 (BO1's)
Jan 21
Round of 8 (BO1's)
Losers Round 2 (BO1's)
Jan 24
Losers Round 3 (BO1's)
Jan 28
Winners Semi Final #1 (BO3)
Losers Round 4 (BO1's)
Jan 31
Losers Round 5 (BO1's)
Feb 4
Winners Semi Final #2 (BO3)
Feb 7
Losers Round 6 (BO1's)
Feb 10
Losers Semi-Finals (BO3)
Winners Finals (BO3)
Losers Finals (BO3)
Feb 11
Grand Finals (BO5, Winners have 1 map advantage)

All times displayed are based on Central Standard Time (CST)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my match be streamed?
A: We're going to do our best to cover as many teams as possible during the qualifier. All featured matches will be streamed on Mad City's twitch channel:
Q: How will scheduling work?
A: You and your opponents will coordinate when you will play your matches within the scheduled range of times each match night throughout the schedule outlined above. Private messages to opponents over ESEA or using our Discord will both work for communication between teams, whatever works for you.
Q: Do I have to play the online event to be able to play in the CS:GO Open event?
A: Nope! This online event simply exists to build hype leading up to the event, to create story lines and rivalries between teams that will face each other at the event and to provide travel assistance to the qualifier winners. All CS:GO Open online and live events are open to all!
Q: Can we have stand-ins and/or coaches on the roster?
A: Yup! The cost to participate in the qualifier is $100 per roster which will allow any number of stand-ins and coaches that you need. When registering you will be prompted to link to all ESEA profiles that you’d like added to your roster.