Chicago’s Best – Season 1

Our first CS:GO Bootcamp event was born in January of 2015. Historically if you’ve attended one of these events, you may of played some pugs with some people you’ve never met, played a “formal” tournament structure in a bracket, won a prize from our raffle or just came out to meet some of the people that share the same passions that you do that live in the area. We want to keep the “casual” part of this event true, but we’re adding a little competitive fun to the mix.

We’re calling this experiment “Chicago’s Best – Season 1”. We’re running 2 Bootcamps as a part of this season. We just ran the first in December 2017 and we’ll be running the other in February 2018.

When you register and attend one of these two events you’ll attend as an individual and we’ll pair randomly you with a group of 4 others. After teams are established during check-in we’ll facilitate some matches in the form of a double elimination bracket. Throughout each event we’ll be collecting statistics on every players INDIVIDUAL performance, collectively, over the course of all three events. We didn’t re-invent the wheel on this one, we chose to use the same algorithm that HLTV uses for their ratings. After each Bootcamp we’ll post an article right here on this site with the current state of our local leaders sorted by their ratings. It’s important to note that your rating is not based on how MANY games you’ve played but rather HOW you played in the games that you did.

Immediately following the conclusion of the CS:GO Bootcamp 8¬†we will have our Top 10 – Chicago’s Best CS:GO players, as it related to their collective ratings factored over three events. Those Top 10 players will be invited to play a LIVE show match where their teams will be chosen at random. The show match will occur at the Chicago Gaming Coalition No. 1 event on the evening of March, 10th 2018 in Saint Charles, IL. We’ll be putting up a $1,000 price pool in partnership with N3rd Street Gamers and Cougar Gaming as well as gaming peripherals.

Like anything that we do, we’re going to get community feedback from everyone that participated in this first Season. We’ll look at everything that went well and keep it, get rid of and re-visit any ideas that didn’t work so well, and add a little more of our own.

If you have any early feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Check out the results from the CS:GO Bootcamp 7 here!