A new future with: N3rd St Gamers

Back in October we announced that we partnered with the folks over at N3rd Street Gamers. I’d like to take a moment to highlight some of the exciting details and what this means for Mad City as a new oppurtunity.

Mad City has been a side project for all of us for nearly 3 years, even with a limited amount of resources and time we’re pretty, proud of what we’ve accomplished so far. We’ve experimented in running casual CS:GO events, competitive CS:GO tournaments, BYOC tournaments for both CS:GO and Rocket League, been involved in live competitive Dodgeball tournaments, launched a live production side to our business and finished out the year having done a ton of white labeled work in photography and video. Throughout all of this and all of the different things we’ve done, the gaming community is where we started and what got us to where we are today.

Each gaming community event requires a different level of requirements when it comes to PC hardware used, monitors, venue setups, internet connections, staffing, etc. To run high cash prize competitive events to serve the amateur/semi-professional communities for competitive PC gaming, it’s the most demanding and ever changing infrastructure to accomplish with the best experience. We found a home in WIT Gaming for our “Mad City LAN” events and it became pretty clear that we outgrew that space. Unfortunately for most of this past year, that put us in a bit of a holding pattern until we found a new partnership with similar infrastructure to grow with.

You may know of N3rd Street Gamers headquartered in Philadelphia, PA to be the home of the “Localhost” venue that has served as the infrastructure and partner of Fragadelphia, Cheeseadelphia, Brotherly Brawl, and many other great community events for many years. Partnering and sharing resources means our Bootcamp events are going to become more frequent with better prizing, our highly competitive events will have the infrastructure needed to give our communities the great experience they deserve, and we’ll be entering the online tournament space to provide qualifiers for big events as apart of multi-stop event circuits. In addition to powering up our events local to Chicago, we’ll be on the road introducing new areas of the country to what we’ve built. Our initial focus for 2018 is going to serve events Chicago, DC and Philadelphia.

We are uncovering more we can do together each and every day and I can very confidently say that we will be bringing the biggest and best open competitive events in the country if not the world. It’s an exciting time for us, but most of all its an exciting time for all of you: the players.

Check out the announcement for the 2018 NSG Eastern Conference here: http://n3rdstreetgamers.com/nsg-eastern-conference-announcement

Thanks to everyone that’s come out and followed along so far, we’ll see you soon.