Announcing a new partnership with Chicago Rocket League!

Earlier this year as a part of what we usually deliver with CS:GO at our big weekend over at MidWestLAN ’17 Arctic Warfare, we decided to try something out in a new community: Rocket League. Historically, we hadn’t really been involved in any events outside of the community we grew up in, but as we continue to think about the big picture and future of Mad City it’s important that we continue to push forward creating great content in others. We couldn’t be more excited to share the details of our new partnership with the great guys of Chicago Rocket League.

I met “dpants” and “Hanz0_hattori” shortly after their successful first event earlier this year with Ignite Gaming Lounge here in the city. Minutes after meeting them for the first time I knew we were going to do great things together starting with our $1,000 2v2 Rocket League tournament at MidWestLAN.

From the minute we arrived at the venue, through setting up, checking in players, typical unexpected LAN hiccups, to hitting our record of concurrent viewers on Twitch, the experience I had with the guys and their community was one of the best i’ve had in gaming, if not my entire professional career, if not my life. The players and everyone involved were so passionate and excited for everything we were doing that weekend. At the end of the day, its that kind of response that fuels us to continue doing what we do.

Welcome dpants and Hanz0, we’re so thrilled that you’re here with us and look forward to doing great things together.

For all the Rocket League players out there, we’ll be doing our first “official” event together at Ignite Gaming Lounge on Saturday, June 24th 2017! Save the date and stay tuned for more details around the weekend.


Cheers, we’ll see you guys on the field!