Announcing our partnership with Plantronics!

With the big weekend coming up here in a few days for Mad City LAN 3, we’ve got an exciting new partnership to share with all of you and what that will mean for those of you attending this weekend.

Plantronics will be supporting our weekend to deck out the venue with a RIG Commander Pro at each PC at WIT Gaming. You may of seen these headsets on professional CS:GO players (and i’m sure many others) at a variety of Dreamhack and ESL events. We’re very excited to be able to provide an even playing field for all participating players. To check out their selection of PC and Console headsets, and how you can get some of this very same technology in your home, click here.

Plantronics GameCom Gaming Headset

For Mad City LAN 3, using these headsets will be a requirement for all players. Nothing additional will be needed to get great game audio through the headsets though if it’s your preference to play with IEM (in ear monitors / earbuds) you are more than welcome to bring a pair of those with you.

Mad City will not have any IEMs available for rental for this event.

Thank you to Plantronics for collaborating with us to make the fairest competitive event possible!