Parting ways with Chicago LAN Party

As you are probably aware if you are reading this post, we (Mad City) decided to partner with a new group in the City of Chicago called Chicago LAN Party to co-host their event with them on Memorial Day Weekend representing all of CS:GO and stream production. There were many reasons why this was an exciting opportunity for us, but the part that stood out was the first BYOC LAN inside the actual City of Chicago right here in the West Loop.

After many discussions and difference of opinions we unfortunately came to the end of the road with our partnership with Chicago LAN Party.

Where do we go from here?

We are committed to delivering the tournament to you guys that we hyped. Along with this formal resignation from Chicago LAN Party we are officially announcing the next NON-BYOC Mad City LAN 2 with WIT Gaming. Same days, same times, same amount of teams, just NON-BYOC and in a different venue that we completely trust. If you have previously attended one of ours or David’s events at WIT, you know he shares the same level of commitment to delivering a great experience that we do. We had a fantastic time in February, we expect nothing less for Memorial Day Weekend.

As a lot of this was truly a mistake on our parts, we will be refunding all CS:GO related registrations for Chicago LAN Party’s event (Currently, Chicago LAN Party does not honor refunds). As of the time of this posting “Shot_UP” and “MnM” are the two players that fall into this category. In addition to that, we will be covering their entry fees to our event @ WIT Gaming.

We hope to see you out at WIT Gaming in Aurora on Memorial Day Weekend (Sunday 5/29 & Monday 5/30), it’ll be a great time.

Eric & Thane